In the Beginning

Frham Safety Products, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1983 by co-owners Fred Nance, Jr. and John “Ham” McGarity, Jr. The union was based on the idea of manufacturing and distributing products to the nuclear power utilities and related users of safety supplies and equipment. Since its inception, Frham has extended its markets to include many of the Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Defense (DOD) facilities as well as general industry. Frham’s mission is to provide products which meet or exceed the specifications set by its customers and the industries that it serves.

The entire Frham team takes pride in a level of Customer Service that has made us a leader in the Safety Industry. Our dedication to exceeding the expectations of our customers will continue to ensure that we are always here when you need us.


Innovation creates success and sustainability. Since 1983, Frham has worked directly with customers to provide products and services that improve safety and productivity in the nuclear industry. TOTES rubber shoe covers, CERTIFIED INCINERABLE products, FRHAM-TEX II coveralls, the M.O.S.T. program, and more recently, OREX protective clothing are just a sample of the products and services that demonstrate Frham’s unwavering commitment to improved safety, rad-waste reduction, and overall cost savings. As part of the industry, it is our responsibility to secure Nuclear Power as the cleanest, safest, and most economical form of power.

Frham Safety Products looks forward to many years of supporting the Nuclear and Industrial sectors with quality products that are safe and environmentally friendly.