Our original OREX fabric is used to make a variety of single-use protective clothing products including coveralls, lab coats, booties and headwear. The coveralls come in a double-sleeve arrangement, eliminating the need for tape or glove cuffs. The original OREX fabric is very strong and durable and is highly breathable; approximately 20% more breathable than traditional nylon, cotton, or  poly-cotton blend counterparts. In general, original OREX may be worn with confidence in applications where regular untreated nylon, cotton or poly-cotton garments would be worn, and offers equal or better protection as compared to these fabric  types. Original OREX fabric is intended for low to moderate contamination levels in dry environments. It is highly absorbent, so is not recommended for wet or potentially wet environments. A single set of original OREX protective coveralls has the same limitations as a single set of nylon, cotton, or poly-cotton coveralls. With any of these garments, you want to avoid kneeling or lying on unprotected contaminated surfaces and you should consider using extra protection when working around tight, cramped areas where contact with contaminated piping and equipment is unavoidable. In summary, original OREX protective clothing products may be viewed as equivalent substitutes for traditional nylon, cotton or poly-cotton Anti-C garments.


When an extra level of protection is needed, Deluxe OREX coveralls, lab coats, hoods and booties offer up to 30 times more protection for dry contamination than those made from original OREX fabric. Deluxe OREX garments are treated with a special coating that also makes them splash resistant. The fabric still breathes remarkably well and provides comfort similar to a standard nylon, cotton, or poly-cotton blend garment. Deluxe OREX coveralls also have a double layer of fabric at the knee for added protection. They are an excellent choice when working in moderately high levels of contamination or in applications where incidental water may be encountered. Although splash resistant, Deluxe OREX is not completely waterproof. It will provide an adequate barrier against accidental splashing, spraying or dripping of small amounts of water, but prolonged exposure to wet conditions or kneeling down in water is not recommended.


The latest addition to our lineup of coveralls is the new OREX Ultra. This garment is made from a new state-of-the-art bilaminate fabric consisting of a soft, non-woven inner layer bonded to a specially engineered OREX film outer layer. OREX Ultra offers a barrier impermeable to particles and is highly resistant to wet contamination. This specially engineered and patented Enviro-stasis™ fabric yields an extremely high water vapor transmission rate which results in unparalleled wearer comfort and a low heat stress index never before achievable in a barrier garment of this type. For situations where high contamination or very fine particle contamination is an issue, the new OREX Ultra is your answer.


When working in high contamination or very wet conditions, the new OREX trilaminate fabric offers total barrier protection. OREX Xtreme consists of an outer layer of OREX Deluxe fabric, a middle layer of OREX waterproof film and an inner layer of our soft, original OREX fabric, creating a completely waterproof garment. OREX trilaminate fabric is not as comfortable in terms of breathability as other OREX fabrics, so workers should use it judiciously in applications where heat stress could be an issue. Products available in this new fabric include the OREX Xtreme Coverall, which has waterproof zippers, sealed seams and integral hood and booties; and a two-piece rain suit. Trilaminate shoe covers that can be used as a replacement for the outer rubber-type shoe covers are also available. These products offer the highest level of protection and may be used in any application where plastics or other types of total-barrier garments are normally used.


The OREX FR coverall is made from a specially treated fabric that meets all the requirements of ISO 11611-2007: “Protective Clothing for Welding and Allied Processes.” It also meets ASTM F1506, Hazard Risk Class 2 for Electric Arc Flash Protection. The OREX FR garment is the result of an extensive design and development effort and was subjected to a rigorous series of tests including flame spread, heat transfer and molten metal spatter, making it the only single-use product on the market that is fully tested and certified for welding, cutting and grinding operations. With the addition of the OREX FR coverall, you now have the ability to meet all your protective clothing needs with the complete lineup of OREX single-use products.